Inhouse training anywhere in NZ!

Develop as a manager
and grow your team
through customised training
tailored to suit your unique needs.





Our in-house training focuses on growing your team’s capabilities. We adapt our training to meet your learning outcomes, and the needs of your business and individual learners.

In-house training is tailored to your timeframe and budget, and is more convenient because we can travel to you.

Contact us today to discuss how to we can help you with your training needs relating to:

  • Employment and Privacy law
  • People Management
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership and Communication



Our in-house training focuses on the individual learners, and is pragmatic.
We adapt our training to your business needs, timeframes and budgets. We work with you to help you meet your business outcomes.
We deliver in-house training throughout New Zealand for your convenience.
Find out how to develop as an individual manager, and grow your team, through training customised to your business, industry and learners.

For more information on our courses, see our Public Courses.

All of our public courses can be designed to fit your needs in-house.