Live and Virtual Courses

Effective Performance Reviews – half day LIVE AND VIRTUAL

12 October 2021

This virtual course provides a comprehensive overview of how to give staff frequent feedback and conduct effective performance reviews and set performance objectives that improve performance.

Leader’s Guide to Performance Management (4 weeks)

17 October 2021

If you want to improve staff performance and conduct performance reviews with confidence, this is the course for you! Learn how to motivate staff by giving feedback and avoid poor performance.

Managing Poor Perfomers – half day LIVE AND VIRTUAL

26 October 2021

Find out how to avoid poor performance, and how to address performance issues including through formal processes like performance improvement plans and warnings.

Live and Virtual Courses

Managing Mental Health at Work – half day LIVE AND VIRTUAL

2 November 2021

Address mental health issues in the workplace, by understanding and detecting mental illness. Reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing with workplace programmes.

Exiting Problem Employees – half day LIVE AND VIRTUAL

23 November 2021

Find out how to manage the exit of problem employees with less stress. Resolve employment relationship problems through negotiation and at mediation for a successful outcome.