Do you want to hire the right candidate for your organisation?

Finding and hiring the right people is important as we compete for the best and brightest workers.

This one-day course is an introduction into the topics of recruitment, selection, and hiring of staff.

We will explore how to ask the right questions, practise interview techniques, and discover the most reliable ways to select the right staff for your organisation. Become aware of unconscious biases in your hiring decisions and avoid discrimination claims.

This course focuses on meeting the practical and legal requirements of recruitment and selection processes.

Topics Covered Include

  • Recruitment options including social media and networking
  • Attracting candidates through employer branding and employee experience
  • Legal issues pertaining to recruitment, including privacy and human rights issues
  • Selection process, including work sample testing and pre-work trials
  • Preliminary considerations such as the type of role and job description
  • Conducting interviews and asking the right questions
  • Privacy issues around pre-employment checks
  • Avoiding discrimination claims
  • Awareness of unconscious biases in hiring decisions
  • Making employment offers – what the letter of offer should contain
  • Legal obligations in hiring new staff, including minimum requirements
  • Employment agreements and prudent clauses
  • Providing new employee documentation
  • Key points of induction process

This Course is For

If you want to communicate with greater clarity and impact, this is the course for you. This course is designed for HR professionals at all levels, with a focus on those wanting to improve communication with employees and management. It is also useful for HR line managers who perform HR tasks.