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Why aren’t more Companies embracing Diversity?

A diverse workplace can lead to a stronger business performance, but many workplaces are lagging behind.

Only 20 per cent of senior management and 17 per cent of board members of listed companies in New Zealand are women, according to Miranda Burdon, CEO of Global Women.

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Unlimited Holidays? How to Make your Workplace Flexible

Do you want unlimited paid annual leave, served with a slice of the company profits? Fancy yourself at the gym during work hours? Prefer to climb the corporate ladder in jandals than Jimmy Choos?

Look no further than Rocketwerkz, an employer of choice for flexible work culture. His staff can pick the hours they want to work, have unlimited paid annual leave, and receive a share in the company profit on projects.

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The Dangers of Hiring People you Know

There’s a saying that everyone in New Zealand is connected by two degrees of separation. How does this affect recruitment?

Many Kiwis search for jobs online or through recruitment agents, but some still find work the old-fashioned way – through someone we know. Call it lazy or opportunistic, but finding work through someone you know is an efficient use of time. It’s hard to beat finding a job through your cousin’s sister-in-law’s ex-husband’s gardener, who you met at the neighbour’s barbie.

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Monitoring Staff Misconduct on Facebook

Any publicity is good publicity, unless it’s a late night rant on Facebook. Social media continues to gain in popularity, with Facebook boasting more than 1.86 billion active users worldwide. Employers have greater reason to implement social media policies and monitor workplace technology than ever before.

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How to Prepare your Business for Disaster

Why do some businesses survive or even thrive post-disaster, while others sink faster than the Titanic? Despite damage caused by recent quakes, it is surprising how many New Zealand businesses have survived adversity.

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