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How to reduce stress

Find out how to tackle employee workplace stress
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Addressing the tidal wave of mental health challenges

The mental health fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic is prevalent in NZ workplaces, and employers must provide
for their workers
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Combat Bullying through Support

Find out how to support colleagues victims of workplace bullying
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Preparing workplaces for the 2020 cannabis reforms

Possible drug reforms such as this, serve as a reminder to workplaces to maintain and regularly review your drug and alcohol policies and testing procedures.

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July 2020 Parental leave increase

From 1 July 2020, paid parental leave period increased from 22 weeks to 26 weeks.

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2020 COVID-19 navigating restructuring and redundancies

In challenging times, employers may contemplate restructuring their operations, which could result in possible staff layoffs.
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Remote working during lockdowns

While working from home may seem like a great opportunity, effective communication is the key to success.
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Preparing for a pandemic – 2020 COVID-19

Preparing for a pandemic to ensure workplace safety in the event of an outbreak.
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Reducing employee sick leave

If absenteeism and instances of non-genuine sick leave have been problematic, it’s advisable to re-evaluate your workplace’s approach to sick leave.
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Preventing and addressing workplace sexual harassment

To mitigate the risk of sexual harassment, organisations should tackle the underlying causes.
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Key HR objectives for 2018 and beyond

Prioritise your most valuable asset – your staff – to drive positive change for your business.
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Avoid discrimination during interviews

The golden rule is to structure your questions based on the position requirements, rather than personal details – that could imply an intention to discriminate.
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Can your boss secretly record you?

Although employers have the option to use workplace technology for discouraging and identifying staff misconduct, they should exercise caution to comply with privacy laws and fulfil employment obligations.
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Diversity can enhance business performance

Many New Zealand organisations have embraced workforce diversity encompassing gender, age, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, and education, recognizing it as a catalyst for organisational success.

Companies committed to diversity and inclusion across all facets of their operations have, statistically, outperformed their peers, as evidenced by a two-year Deloitte study.
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Flexible workplaces boost productivity

Flexible work conditions boost employee engagement, retention, and productivity. More than half of all New Zealanders have some form of flexibility in their work, and many employees value workplace flexibility over more money.
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The dangers of hiring people you know.

Employers may sometimes speed up the recruitment process and hire someone they know. However, to find the best candidate you should advertise the position and use an unbiased interview panel. Following a formal selection process can reduce the risk of bias and ensure you have hired the best candidate.

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Addressing employee misconduct on social media

Implementing social media policies and monitoring workplace technology is critical for employers. By defining proper usage of social media and workplace technology in staff policies, employers can safeguard both business reputation and confidentiality.
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Prepare your business disaster plan

Effective disaster preparation is crucial for ensuring business survival. Being prepared will increase the likelihood that you, your business and staff will be resilient in adversity.
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Employers’ Obligations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

Returning to work post-COVID-19 lockdown requires careful management of health and safety risks and legal obligations.
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