Productivity in the workplace is important for increased profit and success.

Find out how to improve workplace productivity through employee engagement and other factors in the workplace. This engaging course examines current issues affecting HR professionals in New Zealand. Discover how to manage flexible working arrangements, staff engagement, and diversity challenges.

This course is designed to improve staff performance, profit, and productivity. We will explore how to adapt modern workplace practices, such as employee wellbeing, flexible working, and the use of technology, to your business.

Find out how to develop good HR practice that aligns with the law and grow and retain your staff for organisational results. The course will promote questions, in-depth discussion, and an action plan.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify current Human Resources trends in NZ
  • Create flexible workplaces and manage challenges of flexibility
  • Avoid discrimination and create diversity
  • Find out how to settle migrants into the workplace
  • Managing different generations at work – millennials and an ageing workforce
  • Encourage innovation and use of technology
  • Discover how to motivate staff for success
  • Creating a positive employee experience
  • Improving employee wellbeing
  • Explore how to improve staff productivity
  • Discuss how to retain and grow staff for profitability

This Course is For
This course is designed for HR professionals, people managers, business owners, and supervisors with human resource responsibilities. It will be useful for anyone who wants to improve productivity and engagement, keep up to date with best HR practices, and manage contemporary staffing issues.