Do you want to create a positive culture and overcome conflict?

In this practical course, find out how to create a positive workplace culture. Improve performance and productivity by changing your workplace culture.

Discover how to identify conflict before it stifles performance, or escalates to bullying and harassment, which are major problems in New Zealand.

Develop skills and strategies so you can reduce negativity and staff turnover.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify benefits of a positive culture
  • Consider leadership and values for positive culture
  • Identify factors which create positive culture
  • Discover how to reduce stress for positive culture
  • Manage flexibility for productivity
  • Effective communication for positive culture
  • Identify your personal conflict management style
  • Reduce the risk of toxic culture and bullying
  • Explore how to manage conflict in a positive way
  • Identifying bullying and harassment behaviours
  • Avoiding discrimination and improving diversity
  • Establish clear and effective policies and procedures

This Course is For

This course is designed for business owners, HR professionals, team leaders and people managers at all levels who want to improve their workplace culture. This course is useful for anyone who wants to find out how to identify conflict in the workplace, and create a culture that improves productivity and retention.