Effective HR communication is an essential part of business and the role of HR, and is vital for success in business, as it affects organisational performance.

Effective internal communication is important for developing trust, and impacts greatly on employee engagement and productivity.

In this one day course, find out how to connect staff to strategy and values through effective communication. Discover how to build employee engagement through trust and two-way dialogue, including through social media.

Consider how roles, culture, and personality types influence communication preferences. Discover how to reduce the impact of unconscious biases in recruitment and promotions.

Learn how to connect with various HR stakeholders including management and governance so you can influence decision making.

Build an effective internal communications strategy for your organisation by writing a strategy based on a workplace issue.

Practise giving feedback on staff performance, and interviewing job candidates. Participants will receive a workbook to practise their communication skills.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify different personality types and communication preferences
  • Find out how culture can influence business communication
  • Consider your roles and responsibilities in communication
  • Communicate with various HR stakeholders including Board and staff
  • Consider how unconscious bias affects communication
  • Build an effective internal communications strategy
  • Improving staff engagement and buy-in
  • Discover ways to communicate with flexible workers
  • Learn how to use social media and develop two-way dialogue
  • Interview job candidates to find the right staff
  • Practise active listening techniques and giving feedback
  • Legal aspects of performance and disciplinary interviews
  • Explore fun ways to provide effective training


This Course is For

If you want to communicate with greater clarity and impact, this is the course for you. This course is designed for HR professionals at all levels, with a focus on those wanting to improve communication with employees and management. It is also useful for HR line managers who perform HR tasks.