4 Hours CPD

This virtual half-day course focuses on improving performance review processes and giving feedback that motivates staff for success.

Performance development is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity and a company’s profitability.

Yet many managers feel uncertain about conducting performance reviews and avoid giving constructive feedback for fear of getting it wrong.

Course Overview

This half-day virtual course provides a guide for HR and managers to create high-performing teams through effective feedback and performance reviews.

The course will focus on giving managers a performance development framework for frequent feedback and catch ups with staff.

Participants will learn how to give feedback for improvement and conduct performance reviews with ease. Consider checklists and templates that you can apply in your organisation.

Our employment lawyer will provide practical guidance on how to prepare for and conduct performance reviews, with reduced risk of any legal claims.

We will answer questions like: What should you discuss in regular catch ups with staff? How can you assess staff performance fairly by reducing manager biases?

Find out how to manage underperformance and motivate high performers by setting performance and learning goals.

You Will Learn:

  • Recognise the importance of frequent feedback for developing high-performing teams
  • Consider regular catch ups with staff for effective two-way feedback
  • Identify tools and techniques for giving staff constructive feedback with confidence
  • Practice giving constructive feedback to improve results
  • Recognise the importance of praise for positive working relationships
  • Assess performance review templates for your organisation
  • Identify how to assess staff performance fairly by reducing manager biases
  • Consider a checklist for conducting performance reviews easily
  • Set and evaluate goals for staff to challenge and motivate high performance.

What To Expect

Join our experienced employment law presenter Julia Shallcrass on this half day course that focuses on how to improve staff performance through continuous performance development and giving effective feedback.

Participants will receive a digital workbook, which includes checklists and performance review templates. Attendees can ask questions virtually and complete activities during the live seminar. This course involves Q&A and activities for you to discuss in small groups.

This Course is For

This course is perfect as a refresher for all HR professionals particularly those in their first 5 years of practice, and those learning to implement performance development in their organisation. This course is useful for people managers and supervisors who wish to improve performance review processes and how they give feedback.