7 Hours CPD

Effective writing is a powerful tool for business professionals. Learn how to write in plain English for better results.

Compelling written communication is vital for success in business. This virtual course will show you how to create clear, purposeful documents that connect with your readers.

If you want to communicate for greater clarity and impact in a variety of formats, including technical documents, tenders, reports, specifications, and correspondence, this is the course for you.

Through discussion and revising writing samples, participants will explore how to create purposeful documents that engage with their readers for excellent results.

Participants are requested to have on hand a written sample of their writing to the presentation for self-editing and analysis. The course is designed to give participants valuable experience revising business documents.

You Will Learn:

  • Consider Explore how to plan and prepare your writing
  • Identify communication preferences
  • Write for your audience
  • Select and use appropriate wording for your readers
  • Practice writing in plain English to create clear and concise copy
  • Proper punctuation and grammar
  • Discover how to overcome common errors in writing
  • Use appropriate and relevant language
  • Identify common errors in writing to avoid pitfalls
  • Apply proper grammar and punctuation rules for professional copy
  • Explore ways to improve your business writing in a variety of formats, including tenders, reports, specifications, file notes, emails, and letters
  • Structure your writing for clarity
  • Edit and proofread your own documents to gain valuable experience in revision

This Course is For

This course is designed for all business professionals, administrators and managers at any level wishing to write with ease and efficiency. The course will focus on how to write in plain English for greater clarity.

Course Format

This course is a virtual and live 7-hour course. Concepts of effective writing are explained, then applied through case studies and discussions. Real-time interactions such as group activities, polls and Q&As will allow you to connect and ask questions throughout the course. Participants will be given time to self-edit their writing sample and may submit an excerpt for the presenter to review.

Presenter Information

As director of KiwiBoss, employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass develops leaders to improve their communication and management skills. Julia is a practical and engaging presenter with expertise in training HR and people managers to create high-performing workplaces. A published writer, she has written feature articles for NZ Lawyer and is an employment columnist for the NZ Herald.