This course will help you manage staff entitlements under Holidays Act 2003 and the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987.

Many employers are confused as to how to comply with holiday and parental leave legislation. This practical course will help you identify common and complex issues of non-compliance under the Holidays Act, and provide you with options to manage these issues.

This course will help you calculate annual holidays to comply with the Holidays Act 2003. Identify the two calculations for annual holiday pay: average weekly earnings and ordinary weekly pay. Consider how to budget for and schedule annual holidays, such as through closedowns.

We will practise calculating annual holiday pay for permanent staff on both fixed and variable hours, including at the end of employment. Identify when you must include commission and bonuses in gross earnings. Find out how to pay casual and fixed term employees Pay As You Go.

Find out your staff minimum entitlements for “BAPS” leave: bereavement, sick leave, alternative holidays, family violence leave, and sick leave. We will answer questions like, what is otherwise a working day for an employee? How can you ask for proof of sick leave?

Our course engages participants through innovative and fun practical activities for compliance with holiday and parental leave legislation.

We will consider case studies to discuss complex issues regarding payroll. The workbook includes activities, case law and an overview of legislation.

This course focuses on minimum entitlements, rather than additional entitlements provided by collective agreements.

You Will Learn:

  • Overview of Holidays Act 2003
  • Discover how to effectively manage common compliance issues
  • Budgeting for annual holidays
  • Calculating annual holiday pay to comply with the Holidays Act 2003
  • Find out when commission and bonuses should be included in gross earnings
  • Public holidays and what is an ‘otherwise working day’ for an employee
  • Discuss sick and bereavement leave entitlements
  • Proof of sick leave and when you can ask for medical certificates
  • Practical tips on how to manage frequent absenteeism
  • Calculating public holidays, bereavement leave, sick leave and alternative holidays –
    when to use Relevant Daily Pay or Average Daily Pay
  • Holiday pay following special leave and parental leave
  • Keep up to date with recent and upcoming changes to parental leave entitlements
  • Parental leave entitlements and calculations
  • Find out how an employee applies for parental leave and payments
  • Employers’ responsibilities with parental leave

This Course is For

The course will appeal to Payroll and HR personnel within their first 5 years of practice, or wanting a refresher course. It will also be useful for anyone who wants to know how to comply with minimum holiday and leave entitlements, and how to manage parental leave applications.