Improve the way flexible working arrangements are working in your business. Reap the benefits of flexible working arrangements, including employee experience, improved productivity, and diversity.

This course identifies different types of flexible working for your company, including part time, remote working, and job sharing.

In this practical course, find out how to improve the way you manage flexible working arrangements in your organisation. Discover how to engage with staff about flexible working arrangements, and manage the challenges that arise with flexible working.

Despite the benefits, flexible working arrangements have proven challenging for workers and employers alike. Many workers struggled during the lockdowns, with technology issues and a lack of support and collaboration with colleagues.

We will explore successful case studies of distributed workforces and remote working arrangements in NZ and overseas.

There will also be opportunities for attendees to share their own experiences on managing remote workers.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify different types of flexible work, including part time, job sharing and remote working
  • Explore several types of distributed workforce: working from home, decentralised offices, distributed teams, working from anywhere, and collaborative business hubs
  • Benefits of flexible work for your staff, clients and your organisation
  • Identify opportunities that flexible work can offer your organisation
  • How to create flexible working arrangements and managers’ obligations
  • Find out how to meet legal requirements relating to flexible work requests
  • Discover how to effectively communicate with, collaborate and support your flexible workers
  • Identify the challenges around flexible work including within your own business, so you can prepare for business for the future
  • Practical strategies to overcome challenges of flexible work
  • Find out how to protect privacy and confidentiality and use technology effectively to enhance remote working.
  • Discuss how to overcome challenges of flexible work in your organisation
  • Consider what to include in flexible working policies
  • How to have robust discussions with staff, and the benefits of a trial
  • Case studies and activities

This Course is For

This course is useful for organisations who want to improve flexible working arrangements, increase staff retention, and improve diversity. It is aimed at HR professionals, business owners, team leaders and people managers who want to overcome challenges of flexible working arrangements.