4 Hours CPD

Do you want to learn how to manage long term sick leave and reduce absenteeism?

Difficult situations can arise where employees are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Frequent or extended periods of absence can disrupt the workplace, and it may not be possible to hold a job open indefinitely.

High rates of sick leave and absenteeism are some of the most expensive and disruptive problems facing New Zealand employers.

In this course, discover your obligations around employee sick leave, including long term illness and injury. Find out how you can support your employees in their return to work. Discuss when and how you can terminate employment for medical incapacity.

Find out how to manage high rates of sick leave by identifying and managing factors that lead to sick leave, such as workplace stress.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify sick leave entitlements under the law
  • Good practice on asking for and using medical information
  • Dealing with concerns about “sickies” and abuse of sick leave
  • How to manage absenteeism and intermittent sickness
  • Good practice in supporting staff on their return to work
  • How to engage in carefrontation with staff
  • Manage processes around sickness and medical incapacity
  • Explore an employer’s obligations to be reasonable and act in good faith
  • Considerations before terminating for medical incapacity
  • How to reduce the risk of staff taking excessive sick leave
  • Address factors that contribute to sick leave and absenteeism
  • Practical ways to dramatically reduce sick leave
  • What to include in sick leave policies
  • Practical tips on medical provisions in employment agreements and case scenarios

This Course is For

This course is suited to HR professionals, managers, business owners, payroll and administrators. It is useful for anyone who wants to improve the management of sick leave and reduce absenteeism.