4 Hours CPD

This virtual half-day course is practical and designed to assist you with performance improvement plans and performance management meetings.

This half-day course will be delivered online via Zoom. It is limited to 25 registrations to ensure you get the most out of this session.

Poorly performing employees will consistently make mistakes, miss deadlines, or lack appropriate skills to properly perform their jobs.

Most Kiwi employers will have poor performers at some stage but avoid performance management for fear of getting the process wrong.

Delays in performance management affect team performance and productivity. Managers fed up with poor performers may dismiss them without proper process, causing costly unfair dismissals.

This live and virtual course is a comprehensive overview of the performance management framework. Find out how to avoid poor performance in the first place, and informally address performance issues through coaching staff for improved performance.

This course is practical and designed to assist you in assisting managers write performance improvement plans and attend performance management meetings.

We will discuss practical options for continued non-performance, including performance improvement plans and issuing warnings, ending employment, and negotiating settlement agreements.

We will answer your questions about formal performance management, such as: What should you do to improve staff performance? What is an appropriate timeline for following a performance management process? How can you avoid common legal pitfalls?

You Will Learn:

  • Identify the difference between poor performance and misconduct to follow the correct process
  • Support staff to avoid poor performance in the first place
  • Set SMART goals in Performance Improvement Plans to improve staff performance
  • Manage poor performers through formal processes like Performance Improvement Plans, warnings and exit strategies
  • Conduct formal performance management meetings with confidence
  • Give warnings and dismissals for ongoing poor performance
  • Deal with difficult issues that can lead to poor performance, such as stress, bullying, and mental health
  • Comply with employment law in performance management processes to reduce the risk of personal grievances

What To Expect

Our employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass will help you meet your legal obligations to reduce the risk of personal grievances. We will explain the law on performance management, including what is good faith and how to act fairly and reasonably. We will explore case law and case studies to help you deal with performance issues.

Attendees will receive a digital workbook including activities and can ask questions virtually during the live seminar. This course involves Q&A and activities for you to discuss in small groups.

This Course is For

This course is useful for all HR professionals, particularly those in their first 5 years of practice, or who want the confidence to effectively manage poor performers. It will be useful for people managers and business owners seeking practice guidance on how to improve staff performance and manage poor performers with reduced risk.

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