Do you want to speak with confidence and influence others?

Public speaking is an essential component of seeking sales and improving revenue. Confidence is necessary to persuade your audience, internally as well as to a broader audience outside your organisation.

In this one-day course, sharpen your public speaking skills through practice, and your ability to persuade an audience.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify your purpose for speaking with your audience
  • How to speak to a variety of audiences
  • Importance of knowing your audience
  • Tips on working with larger audiences
  • Improving confidence
  • How to stay calm and breathe
  • Preparing your presentation
  • Structure your speech for effect and clarity
  • Interesting ways to start and conclude your speech
  • Influence and creating a “call to action”
  • Speaking with variety in pitch, pace, pause
  • Awareness of posture and body language
  • Practise your public speaking
  • Receive peer and tutor feedback on your public speaking

This Course Is For

This course is useful for all business leaders and staff who want to improve their public speaking skills, including sales staff, people managers, HR, professionals, business owners, and organisational leaders.