6 Hours CPD

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things,” management expert Peter Drucker famously said.

Effective time management is the key to success as a business professional. In this course, find out how to balance competing priorities so you can complete work on time. Discover proven time management tools and techniques to complete work with greater efficiency.

Prioritise completing the right tasks so you are effective in your work.

This practical course introduces proven theories and techniques to improve your effectiveness in the workplace.

Through discussion, group activities, and case scenarios, participants will investigate how to balance competing priorities to complete work on time. Become more productive with scheduling tools and tips for personal organisation.

Participants will explore practical solutions to problems around time management – such as balancing projects with day-to-day tasks.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify how to prioritise tasks and projects effectively
  • Explore a variety of techniques to help you plan your tasks and others
  • Practise writing a to-do list and evaluate SMART goals
  • Explore how to use scheduling tools and adapt routines to suit your natural preferences
  • List ways to avoid saying “yes” when you’re already busy
  • Explore how to tackle procrastination and handle interruptions
  • Compare options for completing work with a ‘time management funnel’

This Course Is For

This course is designed for professionals in management and team leader positions, and anyone interested in improving personal productivity and effectiveness at work. This course focuses on tools and techniques to complete tasks on time.

Course Format

Time Management for Productivity is a 6 hour course, facilitated online. Concepts and theories will be introduced and explained, then applied through scenarios and discussions.  Real-time interactions including group activities, polls and Q&A will allow you to connect and ask questions throughout the course.