Everyone has their own personal biases, which can get in the way of sound decision making.

Unconscious biases can impact leadership effectiveness, workplace interactions, and decision making.

Find out how to manage unconscious biases in the recruitment and selection processes for business success. Learn strategies to manage unconscious biases, so you can maximise talent for promotion. Reduce the impact of unconscious biases in client interaction and networking for business success.

Reap the benefits of diversity and inclusivity in your organisation, including productivity and problem-solving abilities. Find out how to avoid discrimination and comply with the law.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify unconscious biases in recruitment and selection processes
  • Understand stereotypes and biases
  • Different types of decision-making biases
  • Evidence of bias and consequences of relying on unconscious bias
  • Learn to recognise your personal biases
  • Overcoming biases in recruitment, selection, retention and promotion
  • Complying with discrimination law in recruitment and selection
  • Discuss how to overcome biases in client interaction and at networking events
  • The golden rule of interviews to avoid discrimination
  • Responding to everyday ‘isms’
  • Case studies and activities

This Course Is For

This course is designed for managers and business owners and anyone involved in recruitment, selection and promotions of staff. It is useful for anyone seeking awareness of unconscious biases.