Interviewing Skills for Managers

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This course can be booked individually or as one of the sessions in the “Manager’s Guide to HR ”.

Explore how to select the right staff in this HR and manager’s guide to hiring interviewing skills, so you can select a staff to build the best and brightest team. Research shows that job interviews are often no more reliable than tossing a coin.

Do you want to hire the right candidate for your organisation? Are your interviews failing to produce enough reliable information to pick the right person? Selecting staff with the right skills, knowledge, and attitude is important for building the best and brightest teams.

This virtual course explores how to assess a candidate’s suitability for a role, with a focus on interviewing skills in person, by phone, or online. Discover how to ask the right questions to deduct their skill level and assess their attitudes and values.

Explore how to select the right staff and follow lawful hiring processes in this HR and manager’s guide to hiring and interviewing skills.

Find out how to identify and manage unconscious biases, which can lead to the wrong hiring decisions. Detect possible deception and toxic behaviours in interviews and reference checks.

Presented by an experienced employment lawyer, this practical course provides a comprehensive overview of lawful recruitment processes and pre-employment checks to avoid costly mistakes. Through discussion and group activities, course participants will explore how to recruit the right staff and follow the right hiring processes.

Course Format

Interviewing Skills and Hiring Talent is a 5.5-hour course, facilitated online. Concepts and case law will be introduced and explained, then applied through scenarios and discussions. Real-time interactions including group activities, polls and Q&As will allow you to connect and ask questions throughout the course. Participants can attend this course individually or as part of the programme on HR Guide for Managers.

Presenter Information

As director of KiwiBoss, employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass develops leaders to improve their management and communication skills. Julia is a practical and engaging presenter with expertise in training leaders to create high-performing workplaces in the course, Leader’s Guide to Performance Management. Julia is an employment columnist for the NZ Herald.

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You Will Learn:

  • Attract talent through recruitment and employer branding
  • Prepare for selection of staff using competency mapping
  • Avoid unlawful discrimination or privacy breaches in hiring practices
  • Explore reliable selection methods
  • Interviewing skills in person, by phone or online
  • Practise situational, competency-based and behavioural questions
  • Lawfully conduct pre-employment checks
  • Find out how to identify and manage unconscious biases
  • Detect possible deception and toxic behaviours
  • Complete hiring processes for new job candidates

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