Do you want to identify and manage conflict for business success?

Discover how to identify and manage conflict before it escalates to bullying and harassment, which are major problems in New Zealand.

Managing conflict is critical as unresolved or unmanaged conflict can quickly escalate and stifle an organisation’s progress. Unresolved conflict can result in poor behaviours like physical or emotional withdrawal and reduced productivity.

Take a proactive approach to bullying and harassment to reduce the risk to health and safety, and help prevent unwarranted behaviour.

This course will take you through various techniques and skills to help you prevent bullying and harassment, and approach and manage conflicts more effectively.

You Will Learn:

  • Identifying conflict in the workplace
  • Causes and effects of conflict at work
  • Develop an understanding of your personal conflict resolution style
  • Conflict resolution using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
  • Finding mutual requirements and solutions
  • Improve your team’s capability to use conflict constructively
  • What behaviour constitutes bullying and harassment
  • Effects of bullying on individuals and organisations
  • Factors that increase potential for bullying
  • How to prevent workplace bullying and harassment
  • Investigating complaints of bullying and harassment
  • How to address bullying and harassment behaviours
  • Establishing clear and effective procedures

This Course is For

This course is useful for HR professionals, managers and business owners who want to improve management of conflict, bullying or harassment within an organisation.