4 Hours CPD

This virtual half-day course will help you reduce the risk of mental health issues at work and support struggling staff.

This half-day course will be delivered online via Zoom. It is limited to 25 registrations to ensure you get the most out of this session.

Most employees will experience mental illness within their lifetime. Mental health concerns are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the workplace, with many employers unsure as to how to proceed if performance or productivity is affected.

Unmanaged mental illness is now the leading cause of productivity loss worldwide – and impacts on sick leave and absenteeism.

This course is essential if you want to effectively manage mental health issues at work, improve productivity, and meet your employer obligations to reduce the risk of breaching the law.

We will provide an overview of mental illness based on the latest scientific studies. We will focus on how to manage common and complex issues relating to mental illness at work.

Detect early warning signs of mental illness, including depression, anxiety and PTSD, so you can assist staff. Discover how to approach a colleague who you suspect may have a mental illness.

Discuss what to do if your staff member has a mental health crisis or is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Find out what you can manage yourself and when to call professionals.

Find out how to reduce the risk of mental illness and support struggling staff. Discover how to avoid discrimination, reasonably accommodate staff needs, and comply with health and safety laws.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify the impact of mental illnesses on a person and their behaviour
  • Detect the early warning signs of mental illness
  • Discover how to approach a colleague who may have a mental illness
  • Explore ways to support to staff with mental illness in your workplace and reduce the incidence of mental illness
  • Discover how to manage complex issues relating to mental illness at work, including poor performance, returning to work, and medical incapacity
  • Avoid unlawful discrimination and personal grievances
  • Consider case scenarios and case law updates to comply with the law

What To Expect

Consider the impact of unwell staff at work, including on sick leave and mental incapacity. Find out how to manage poor performance when the staff member is mentally unwell.

Attendees will receive a digital workbook including activities and can ask questions virtually during the live seminar. We will explore case studies to show you how to deal with real issues. This course involves Q&A and activities for you to discuss in small groups.

This Course is For

Mental illness can affect anyone from any industry. This course is an introduction on how to manage mental illness in New Zealand workplaces, and is particularly suited to HR professionals at any stage of their practice, as well as business owners, managers, CEOs and team leaders. Improve your organisation’s performance and productivity by managing mental health issues.

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